What to expect

Consultations begin with a detailed client history and discussion around the current issue or goal of the session followed by an interactive kinesiology ‘balance’ on a treatment table (fully clothed).

Using gentle manual muscle monitoring, Tiffany determines what may be stressing the body and most importantly, the specific correction techniques required to release the stress and restore balance. Wearing loose comfy clothing is recommended to enable ease and freedom of movement as the different muscles are monitored.

Kinesiology is an interactive process… while sessions can be very relaxing and include some quiet moments, there will be quite a bit of talking and conversation during the session.

You may get some homework! Kinesiology encourages self responsibility and there may be some things to be done between sessions to help support and integrate the work done in clinic. It could be taking a flower essence, focusing on a positive affirmation, holding an acupressure point, eating more or less of certain foods, including more colour in your day (or wardrobe), spending time in nature… the possibilities are endless.

A few sessions may be required. While kinesiology is amazing and can bring about immediate results and in some cases profound changes, it is not always a ‘quick fix’. It is often beneficial to have a number of sessions to see a real change and we offer a 3 session package at a discounted rate to help you do so.

Kinesiologists do not treat, diagnose or cure so please see your Doctor for any medical concerns.