Fabulous Feedback! Thank You!

I love receiving feedback from my clients on how kinesiology has helped them! Here are a few of the latest rave reviews:

I was very unfamiliar with Kinesiology before I visited Tiff at Inner Spark; in fact, as a health professional of Western medicine myself, I was rather sceptical! However, during my session, discussions were plentiful, insightful, relaxed and Tiff demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the field. Tiff was respectful and receptive to both my verbal and non-verbal body language – a most professional and compassionate practitioner. I was pleasantly surprised, while I left feeling balanced both emotionally and physically with a revived sense of clarity, drive and perspective! Thank you Tiff! – Melissa Buultjens

Hello Tiffany, I just wanted to say thank you for your expertise! I am in a totally different place to where I was 2 weeks ago. I’m a lot more positive and negative thoughts are becoming less frequent. I’m also more confident and outgoing. You have definitely changed my thought process and general outlook on life. I really very much thank you.  I will be more than happy to recommend you to others by old fashioned word of mouth!  Best wishes to you, thanks again, Georgia

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What are people saying about kinesiology?

During times of high stress from work, I found day to day thought processes and usual sleep patterns disrupted. Treatment from Inner Spark Kinesiology helped me manage the symptoms and sources of these problems with an approach that was totally different from treatments that I had looked to use in the past with surprising results. Admittedly a little sceptical at first, my treatments brought about a welcoming change of outlook and a sense of calm, which helped me to get through a very busy period of work and personal challenges. Inner Spark Kinesiology has broadened my perspective of the type of alternative treatments available to target imbalances in my life.  –  Glenn

Inner Spark Kinesiology & Connection has provided me with an alternative well-being treatment unlike anything I have ever tried before! I feel like it enables my mind and body to work in sync to create a healthier me.  It’s not only enlightening,  but I also find it extremely relaxing. Tiffany’s warm and gentle nature, combined with her specialist knowledge always puts me completely at ease! –  Elise

Hi Tiff! I just wanted to let you know that I feel really good since our session.  My nose has started clearing so at night I can actually breathe through it with my mouth closed! I haven’t been able to do that for a year! Look forward to our next appointment! – Kathee

I was new to kinesiology and quite sceptical about whether it would work. I was pleasantly surprised at how Tiffany was able to read my body’s signals to identify my ailment(s).  Tiffany you are a beautiful soul, who always made me feel comfortable at a time when I was very vulnerable.  I thank you sincerely for your help.  I do appreciate it. – Diana

What I especially like about kinesiology is the attention given to healing aspects of the person that the conscious mind relates poorly to.  The focus is on the body and the emotions that manifest physically and correcting imbalance.  Soothing, powerful thoughts tied to colour and scent provide a comfort and an understanding that help to maintain a more balanced state.  Just thinking about the experience renews the feelings of well-being and confidence. – Miriam

I was unsure how kinesiology worked and what it was all about. In need of an extra inner body boost I thought I’d give it a go! I’m pleased… now I have my energy back in the mornings to get out of bed and tackle the day. I’m still not sure how it happens Tiff, but you’re clever! – Karen

Experiencing Tiffany’s treatments is always beautiful.  She provides such a safe & comfortable environment that even though sometimes tears of release are shed, I always leave feeling rejuvenated, grounded and uplifted. Thanks Tiffany for always helping me leave my feelings of disconnect & scatteredness behind as I walk away with a new found positive energy and bounce. Highly recommended an experience with Tiffany! –  Lisa